A Simple Xeriscaping Guide From a Professional Landscaping Contractor

Xeriscaping Tips to Consider for Your \Landscape

The term “xeriscape” refers to a landscape design that focuses on water conservation and sustainability. While it’s not always possible to create an entirely xeriscaped garden, it is possible to incorporate some of these ideas into your home landscape. Here are several xeriscaping tips from a professional landscaping contractor:

Consider a Mulched Pathway

In addition to the drip irrigation system, consider using mulched pathways as part of your landscaping plan. Mulched pathways are an excellent way to reduce water consumption when walking through or around the landscaping area. They can be used in any type of landscape, from small-scale residential homes and yards to large-scale commercial properties such as golf courses and parks.

Consider Low-Water Plants

Aloes and agaves are both low-water plants that can be used in xeriscaping landscapes. Both are drought tolerant, making them perfect for areas that receive less than eight inches of rain each year. They also require little supplemental watering once established and require minimal maintenance besides occasional trimming to keep their shape. Aloe vera produces succulent leaves on sturdy stems that grow up to five feet tall! This makes it easy for you to create an attractive focal point in your garden without worrying about how much water it needs every day or month.

Use Rain Barrels for Irrigation

Rain barrels are a great way to water your xeriscape garden. They can be used to irrigate plants during dry weather and they’re easy to install, making them one of the best choices for your home landscape. Some types of plants that are suited to rain barrels include Herbaceous annuals, Perennials, and bulbs.

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