Commercial Versus Residential Landscapers

Does Commercial Landscaping Differ From Residential Landscaping?

While commercial and residential landscapers are often confused as being one and the same thing, there are in fact quite a few differences between the two. So before you start looking for either, you need to find out what the differences are between them.

Not All Landscapers Are the Same

Key Differences Between A Commercial And Residential Landscaper


Handshake agreements are acceptable to many homeowners, however, are not when it comes to commercial landscaping. A verbal agreement is never a legal and binding contract, even with homeowners. So make sure you get everything in writing.

Insurance requirements

Before you sign any landscaping contract with landscapers, make sure you check that they possess, at the very least Liability Insurance. Most commercial landscapers will need to possess a $1 million insurance coverage, whereas a residential landscaper can get away with a reduced coverage, which can range between $300,000 to $600,000, depending on the region that you live in.


Residential clients will often be asked to pay in installments, whereas commercial clients are expected to pay monthly. These billing differences can, in theory, greatly affect your cash flow. So make sure that you speak to your landscaper with regards to what their billing arrangements are.

Profit margins

Commercial landscapers’ profit margins are less and in order to balance this out many need to find continuous work. So this is something else that you will need to find out before you agree to hire any landscaping contractor, as they may not have sufficient time needed to spend on your landscape if you have a business.

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