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The When, What, and How Much to Apply to Fertilizing Your Landscape

Imagine walking barefoot on lush, green grass or admiring the vibrant colors of blooming flowers in your garden. The secret to achieving this? Fertilizing. Feeding your landscape isn’t just about dumping any fertilizer during any season. Knowing when, what type, and how much to apply can make a world of difference. Here are insights from a well-versed landscaping contractor:

Understanding the Right Time

Every plant has its own season of growth and knowing this is crucial. Grasses, for instance, benefit most from fertilizer in the early spring when they start to green up. On the other hand, perennial plants best absorb nutrients just as they begin to break dormancy. By feeding your plants at the right time, you’re ensuring they have the resources they need when they need them most.

Choosing the Right Fertilizer

Not all fertilizers are created equal. There are balanced fertilizers that have equal parts of the main nutrients, and there are those that have more of one nutrient than the others. For example, if you’re looking to boost the blooms in your garden, you’d want a fertilizer higher in phosphorus. For lush green leaves, nitrogen-rich fertilizers are your best bet.

Determining Quantity

More isn’t always better. Over-fertilizing can harm your plants more than it can help. For most gardens, applying a pound of soluble nitrogen for every 1,000 square feet annually is sufficient. Always read the label on the fertilizer bag. It provides valuable guidelines on the quantity.

Slow Release vs. Quick Release

Fertilizers also come in slow-release and quick-release forms. Slow-release fertilizers provide nutrients over an extended period, making them ideal for most perennial plants. Quick-release ones give an instant nutrient boost, perfect for plants that look a little under the weather.

Application Techniques

Even distribution is key. Using a spreader can help ensure you’re not dumping too much in one spot. For potted plants or small garden beds, hand application might be more appropriate. Always water the area after fertilizing to help the soil absorb the nutrients.

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