Hire a Landscaping Contractor to Tackle Perennial Weeds

The Perennial Weeds That Are Plaguing Your Garden and How to Handle Them

Regularly maintaining your landscape is important. This is to keep weeds from taking over your yard. This is because weeds can really make it difficult to keep a beautiful garden. And, one of the most difficult varieties of weeds is perennial weeds. Thankfully, a landscaping contractor can provide you with the right knowledge and experience to tackle even the toughest perennial weeds. Read on to learn more about perennial weeds that might be plaguing your garden!


Thistles are a type of perennial weed that resembles a cactus. It can grow up to 10 feet tall. Thistles are identified by their spiny leaves. They have purple flowers that bloom in the summer. They can easily take over lawns and gardens. To combat thistles, hire a landscaper who can use a combination of herbicides, hand weeding, and mechanical removal.


Bindweed is another common type of perennial weed. They can be difficult to eradicate. It has a white or pink trumpet-shaped flower and is most often found in gardens and landscapes. Once bindweed takes hold, it can grow quickly and can prevent new plants and flowers from growing. Landscapers can use a variety of techniques, including chemical and non-chemical treatments, to get rid of bindweed and prevent it from coming back.


Quack grass is a type of perennial grass that can be entirely difficult to get rid of. It has light green leaves and white stalks and grows in clumps. Quack grass can quickly overtake a lawn and have deep and strong roots that persist despite efforts to remove them. The best way to control quackgrass is to use a combination of herbicides and repeated mowing to effectively get rid of it. No worries as a trusted landscaper can be of help.

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