Hiring Residential Landscapers to Do Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance Tips

Your new landscape installation looks fantastic! Consider how much time you will spend in your new backyard or how the house seems from the street. Everything is gorgeous, lush, and new. The upkeep now starts. Nature is constantly battling to reclaim its original state. Residential landscapers perform upkeep through weed control, trimming, mulching, and mowing to thwart the whims of nature. The trick is to ensure your business can manage seasonal services and complete them on schedule.

A Great Turf Program

It will need to be fed and weeded to keep the new sod healthy and free of weeds. Brown patch disease can also be a problem for new sod because it requires more frequent watering. A brown area can quickly damage freshly seeded or placed sod lawns. To preserve your investment, ensure a business is monitoring lawn pests and illnesses so they can be treated quickly. Working with a business that offers an annual lime application and at least a 4-application weed control and fertilization program is recommended. The grass you are left with will show the results of anything less.

Aeration for Grass Areas

To safeguard your sod investment, it’s crucial to aerate warm-season grasses like Bermuda in the summer and overseed cold-season grasses like fescue in the fall. The roots can breathe thanks to aeration, which also helps with compaction. Each fall, fescue has to be replanted with seed to keep it thick and lush. Assume that 20% of your fescue will be lost each year and that annual seeding will keep it alive and looking beautiful.

Irrigation Monitoring and Maintenance

Water is essential for plants and turf to establish themselves properly, especially in the first two years. Your landscaping company must perform irrigation start-ups and walkthroughs in the spring, irrigation shut-offs in the late fall, and system monitoring to ensure the watering is not being over or underdone. It is also crucial to make sure that there is someone on duty to make repairs so that the system is functional. Summer heat and a lack of water can cause a recently established grass to deteriorate overnight.

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