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Cold Season; Healthy Lawn!

Lawns are one of the most eye-catching features of any property. They can add beauty and complement your home’s design. To preserve the beauty and condition of the entire yard over the winter months, you should invest in quality landscaping services. What are some services you can get during the winter months?

Lawn Aeration

One service that is offered during the winter months is lawn aeration. This is because it’s easier to do when the temperature is under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Lawn aeration involves the use of a specialized aerator to open the soil in specific areas of the lawn. This is so new grass can grow and flourish during the spring.

Lawn Mulching

In addition, another service that you can get during the winter months is mulching. This is done before the start of the growing season. It involves the use of a special machine that will deposit an inch of mulch on the entire lawn. This will help to keep the soil from freezing along the edges of your lawn, which is a common problem that some people experience.

Lawn Irrigation

You should not forget to water your lawn before winter arrives. Make sure that you give your soil enough moisture. Watering your lawn at the right time is very important to preserve the health of your lawn. This will also prevent your lawn from drying out, which is the reason you need to water it at least twice a day. The most important thing you need to remember when it comes to watering your lawn is that you need to use the correct amount of water. Too much water will cause your lawn to suffer problems.

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