Keep Safe From Unwanted Insects and Bugs With Landscaping

Insects and Bugs Repellant Plants

Through companion planting, the practice of growing various plants together to achieve certain results based mostly on anecdotal evidence, plants that repel insects are frequently utilized for natural pest control. Insects have their favorite foods much as humans do, and they typically discover these items through scent. By incorporating plants that will confound insects’ sense of scent, you might make it more difficult for them to find the feast. You should also consider some plants and trees that are great at eliminating pests and insects. Some of the plants you can utilize for your landscaping project are listed below:


This is a great way to keep your yard safe and clean without using harsh chemicals that are harmful to your kids and pets. Bamboo is a hardy plant that can grow in almost any kind of soil. Aside from leaving your yard clean, you can also use it for flooring, fencing, and other construction materials.

Citronella Grass

This is another plant that is great at eliminating pesky pests and insects from your yard. This plant is a pain for some insects and pests because it has a strong smell that is similar to that of lemons. Additionally, it is a smart idea to have this plant close to your house to ward off pests and intruders.

Corsican Mint

This is a good choice if you have small children and pets in your home. This is because this plant is not toxic to them. This plant is also great at eliminating pests and insects. You can also use this plant to create a natural air purifier in your home. It will clean the air in your home and will make your indoor environment fresh and cool.

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