Landscaping Herb Garden Design Mistakes

Herbs That Are Not So Friendly With Other Plants

Many herbs are well-known for their abilities as companion plants. They benefit the ecosystem, the soil, and, of course, the aesthetics of the plants they grow next to in your landscaping plan. All herbs, however, do not function in this way. Some herbs, including some crops and other herbs, can inhibit the development and health of some of their nearby neighbors. These include:


The majority of herbs and vegetables do not do well with fennel. The two plants frequently cross-pollinate, even though they can grow close to one another. To minimize any potential detrimental effects, it is typically recommended to grow fennel separately in a container.


Carrots do not go well with anise, although it is fantastic for many other things. If you don’t plant this herb, which is inherently sweet, anywhere near your crop of carrots, you’ll be safe. However, beans and coriander benefit from the presence of anise.


Dill is yet another showy herb that is also simple to grow. Dill doesn’t go well with potatoes, eggplant, fennel, lavender, cabbage, caraway, chili, bell peppers, or roasted peppers. Additionally, because the two plants are closely related and may cross-pollinate, it is a particularly bad partners for carrots.


Tansy is a must for the decorative herb garden. The vibrant button blooms are an eye-catching addition to your landscape. Just don’t plant Tansy next to your delectable collard greens or you’ll be disappointed.


Wormwood still has a place as an ornamental bedding plant, even though it is no longer employed as a natural wormer. It is poisonous to other plants since it has a high absinthin content. When it rains, the water will wash this chemical into the ground, which will prevent neighboring plants from sprouting. Use wormwood where it wouldn’t normally be grown and enjoy it.

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