Landscaping Methods in Growing Spicebush

Spicebush Maintenance Care

As spicebush is dioecious, the male and female blooms grow on different plants. In the spring, male spicebushes produce clusters of yellow-green blooms. The female spicebush may be distinguished by the vivid red berries that cover the bush in the late summer. Spicebush leaves are deep green in the summer and turn golden-yellow in the fall when they are not in flower. For female plants to be pollinated and produce fruit, both plants are required. Spicebush serves as a host plant in landscaping for spicebush swallowtail butterflies, whose larvae consume it. Because the spicebush is resistant to pests, spicebush swallowtails are not a nuisance. Know this advice to grow one properly:


Spicebush needs regular irrigation to help it create a strong root system during its first growing season. Once established, spicebush often does not need further watering outside of the natural rains in its growth areas. It is regarded as an adaptable shrub that can withstand a broad range of moisture conditions, including brief periods of dry or extremely wet soil.


Spicebush grows well in broad sun to light shade. Although it may exist in complete shade, the growth habit will become more “leggy” or straggly. The plant tries to extend its leaves toward the light by growing longer stems.


Every growth season, spicebush should get two applications of fertilizer. Early spring and summertime fertilization are both important. To get the best results, use a fertilizer designed especially for deciduous plants.

Temperature and Humidity

It is used to frigid winters, warm springs, and mild to hot summers, but because of its adaptability, it can endure many environments. It thrives in moist environments and tolerates humidity better than excessively dry ones.


Wet, well-draining soils are ideal for spicebush, which naturally thrives there. Alkaline and acidic soils are both well tolerated by it.

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