Looking for Patio Landscaping Ideas

Patio Landscaping Ideas

Patios and decks can be rather cold and barren looking when unfurnished with plants and other landscaping accessories. Plants can soften uncompromising lines of hardscape features and breathe life into them, making them inviting for people to sit and relax.

Best Ways to Include Plants

Although there are numerous other ways to do it, like patio planter pockets, the easiest way to include plants in a patio setting is to use containers. Because containers can be moved, it is easy to grow tropical flowers in them during the summer, then move them indoors when the winter comes. But you can grow almost anything; the idea of using plants can help you avoid the expensive project of removing old patios and building a new one, as plants are capable of masking many unwanted sights. Regarding safety, if you have an allergy to bee stings, avoid patio plants that produce flowers because they are magnets for bees. Instead, opt for plants such as those that have variegated leaves.

Choose the Right Tree for Your Patio

Big plants can create big problems. Trees are the biggest type of landscape plants, so one thing you must get right is your tree selection:

  • If you want a shade tree, choose one that is an intermediate height at maturity.

  • Steer clear of installing trees that have aggressive root systems.

  • Choose trees that are clean to reduce maintenance.

Japanese maples are good options when it comes to trees. Some plants are either better or worse than others for growing around the likes of septic tanks based on their root systems. These same plants are either bad or good choices for patio landscaping. Then there is the problem of whether the tree is messy. Eastern white pines are the messiest trees, as they shed pine pitch over everything. By contrast, the Sunburst honey locust is quite a mess-free tree.

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