Quality Landscaping Services Experts Ideas for Fire-Smart Landscaping

Fire-Smart Landscaping Advice

Maybe the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wildfires in California is that they can occur everywhere, particularly in the western and southern regions. Landscaping should consider the risk of fire for those who live in rural and suburban areas. For your home’s safety, follow these recommendations from experts in quality landscaping services.

Go Deciduous

Avoid growing resin-rich conifers, such as pine, juniper, spruce, or arborvitae, if you reside in a region with a high risk of fire. Choose deciduous trees that don’t generate a lot of dead wood as an alternative. For instance, service berries offer year-round appeal in the garden yet don’t shed branches. Moreover, it makes little leaves that decay fast.

Make Use of Groundcovers

Keep turf grass away from areas that are difficult to mow. The grass will become a fire risk if it is ignored and grows out too much. Place low-maintenance ground covers in their place. Rather than turf, a mound of gray Santolina accented with vibrant agave was used instead of it on a steep hill. The agave and the Santolina both grow well and can withstand fire.

Choose Plants That Resist Fire

Some plants are more resistant to an unexpected burn, although none of them are completely fireproof. Be on the lookout for low-growing plants with a lot of moisture in their leaves. Sedum, succulents, cactus, Euphorbia, Cotoneaster, Mahonia, lilac, Santolina, ice plant, thyme, lavender, Echeveria, agave, allium, and iris are a few examples of plants that can be used. A fire-resistant garden may still be colorful, as seen by this lovely garden walk.

Go Natural

Create a natural firebreak using boulders or granite slabs to stop any wildfires from sweeping over your area. Fire will have to work much harder to reach your house if you adjust the landscape. Large stones were utilized to form a rocky outcrop with fire-resistant plants hidden inside the cracks in this front yard.

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