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Landscaping Trends to Watch Out for in 2023: 4 Ideas You’ll Love

From salvaging materials to updating your hardscape, there’s something for everyone. So book quality landscaping services if you want quality outcomes. Are you ready to spruce up your outdoor oasis? If so, look no further than these 4 landscaping trends for 2023 that you should try!

Subtle Salvage

One of this year’s popular trends is utilizing salvaged materials. This doesn’t mean you have to choose another material to build your outdoor space. Instead, consider incorporating pieces like an old tub, porch swing, cargo door, or even a boat. By adding the vintage feel of used pieces, you’ll bring home a unique and beautiful backyard space that doesn’t lack personality.

The “New” Natural

Gardeners and landscapers are going back to the basics by using mainly native and adaptive plants that occur naturally in the local area. Make sure to incorporate strong colors like silver tones and greys, to expertly balance the texture and warm tones of the plants.

New and Improved Hardscape

Give traditional garden designs an upgrade by including hardscaping items like decks, patios, walls, and retaining. These materials are fantastic for carrying through various elements that offer both form and functionality.

Go Low Maintenance

Get more out of your garden while doing less. Low-maintenance landscaping is a great way to save time and conserve resources. Incorporate plants that don’t require as much water, like cacti and succulents. Rocks and mulch are also a great addition for keeping your backyard looking wonderful season after season.

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